Our Team

EnviroGroup is made up of a team of experts in commercial and residential energy solutions. The team has a broad combined experience working with renewable energy, water conservation and climate control systems.

We employ more than 20 staff, including experienced project managers, photovoltaic engineers, energy auditors, accredited solar designers, licensed installers, electricians and lighting designers.

Qualified and friendly, our team works in partnership with businesses, government bodies, community groups and schools and is experienced in the management of grant submissions to Federal and State Governments.

Key Staff

Mick Harris: Managing Director

Mick founded the Environment Shop in 1998 as a mail order business and consequently EnviroGroup to handle solar panel projects in rural Victoria and has grown the company since. He has more than 40 years’ experience in the design, construction and installation of renewable energy systems. He has extensive knowledge of solar power and battery systems, solar hot water, lighting and energy efficiency systems. He a trained PV systems designer and commercial energy auditor.  Mick is the founder of the ATA International Projects Group which has installed more than 1000 solar power systems in East Timor.


Greg Kincaid: Technical Supervisor/Project Manager

CEC Licence number: A2926712
Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar PV Designer and Installer; A grade Electrician. Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

An experienced project manager across a range of commercial solar projects, Greg makes sure that our projects are completed on time, to budget and to the highest quality. He provides high level technical support and advice relating to all solar products and services to clients and contractors. He has also carried out quality control audits, safety audits and ensuring compliance of solar PV installations for over 8 years.


Marcus Lim: Project Manager

CEC Licence number: A7139714

Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar PV Designer and Installer; A grade Electrician.

A grade electrician since January 2012, Marcus has successfully also become an estimator, designer, project manager and installer for many commercial scale solar PV systems. As the technical supervisor for all commercial projects for EnviroGroup, Marcus

Marcus won the 2016/2017 CEC award for best commercial solar PV installation in Australia. This was for the University of Melbourne (themselves an EnviroGroup customer) and featured a 162 kW rooftop solar system at the Parkville campus. A technically complex system which used a range of different solar PV panels and inverters as well as range of reporting software, the system will be used to collect data on the best designs for commercial solar systems.


Roger Mansfield: Principal Engineer

CEC Design Accreditation No A0830338

Roger is a Principal Electrical Engineer and  has over 19 years’ engineering experience, in instrumentation, electrical engineering, project management and commissioning of solar power plants. Roger’s expertise includes a wide range of electrical and electronic engineering for photovoltaic, co-generation, combined cycle, intermediate and peaking power plants, all with complex instrumentation and cooling systems. Roger has worked closely with many Electricity Network Distributors designing Grid connection and protection systems for all EnviroGroup projects over 30kW in size.


Sharvil Jumle : Engineer

CEC Design Accreditation No A0339964

Sharvil Jumle is an Electronics Engineer and has considerable experience in working in solar PV in Australia and overseas. He specialises in designing and configuring large scale solar PV projects, working on systems from design through to implementation.


Ryan Mosby: Project Manager/Tenders 
Ryan is our dedicated commercial tender manager and is responsible for any and all tenders at EnviroGroup for over 6 years. He regularly coordinates large energy efficiency and solar PV projects, which have required scheduling of works, client liaison, OHS and environmental risk management processes, product delivery processes and specifications documenting and project report writing.
His hands-on approach throughout the life of all his projects ensures the highest possible standards are achieved. Ryan has successfully completed over 30 solar PV projects through the tender process


Melinda Payne: Operations Manager

Melinda manages the ordering and delivery of all necessary materials and the deployment of EnviroGroup’s human resources and equipment across the many concurrent commercial and domestic projects. She has been excelling in the Operations Manager role at EnviroGroup for over 5 years.

Vision and Mission

At EnviroGroup, success is measured through energy efficiency and cost reduction.

This means providing the very best renewable energy solutions to customers across a range of industries – from business and residential through to government and education.

We add value to your business and your home through sustainable solutions that lower overheads, increase efficiency and boost your competitive edge.

Experienced Inhouse Installation Team

EnviroGroup’s installation team is made up of fully accredited and qualified specialists who have experience installing renewable energy systems in both the commercial and residential market sectors. Rather than outsourcing installation, our team of installers work with us inhouse. This is part of our commitment to full-service solutions.

EnviroGroup upholds the highest quality and safety standards, working with AS 4801, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 systems. We maintain exemplary onsite work practices and offer excellent post-installation support. Our work is also covered by a five-year workmanship guarantee.

Our Partners

Our Expertise

EnviroGroup offers a complete solution to your commercial energy needs. Our team is skilled across a range of disciplines and work together to develop your comprehensive energy plan.

Our team can help you with:

  • Commercial Energy Systems
  • Tender Management
  • Project Management & Facilitation
  • Commercial Finance
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Retrofits
  • Retrofits


cec_accredited-croppedCEC accredited solar PV system installers:
All our solar installers have CEC accreditation. “Solar PV accreditation is a qualification that demonstrates competence in design and/or installation of solar power systems. To be eligible for government incentives such as RECs, solar credits and feed-in tariffs the installer must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council” CEC
4801-ECAAS9001 ECAAS14001 ECAASECAAS Certified:
EnviroGroup are certified under the Australian Standard for Safety Management, and the International Standards for Quality Management and Environmental Management. We take our responsibilities seriously, enabling us to deliver high value and high quality projects on time.
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