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With soaring gas prices, it’s time to look at alternatives. But where to start? Making the switch from gas can seem daunting as information may be limited. This is why EnviroGroup is offering a Get off Gas Service, which will enable you to make an economical switch with ease and clarity.

Your Get off Gas Service will consist of: 

  • A comprehensive audit of your home by a qualified A grade electrician
  • A step by step plan on how to get off gas
  • Follow up consultation with our renewable energy consultant 

The service will cost you $480 and if you decide to make the switch from gas to clean energy with us, your Get of Gas Service may be complimentary.* 

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Victoria makes up 65 per cent of Australia’s residential gas usage and is the state looking to suffer the most from the hike in prices. While the government is exploring ways to halve gas use by the end of the decade, get on the forefront with EnviroGroup. 

Climate Council also found that children exposed to gas cooking are in fact at the same risk of asthma as children living with passive smoking. 

Australia does not need to rely on gas. We are one of the sunniest countries in the world and access to clean energy is at our fingertips. Renewable energy like solar power is here to provide both health and financial benefits. We also have options for clean energy storage with solar batteries.

For more information on how to get off gas, our renewable energy consultants will be more than happy to assist. Simply fill out the form above or call us on 1300 430 430.

*A discount equal to the cost of the Get Off Gas Assessment may be applied to a future purchase of equipment from EnviroGroup. This discount only applies to purchases over $10,000 and does not apply to Heat Pump Hot Water Systems.  These terms and conditions may vary from time to time. Speak to one of our renewable energy consultants for further information.