Long seen as the ‘heart’ of any solar PV system, the primary function of the inverter is to convert the d.c. electricity generated by the solar panels to the a.c. you need for your home. But they do much more than this. They also make sure your output power is optimized via Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) inside the box and they also record and monitor your production. There are also string inverters, central inverters and micro-inverters that can be used depending on your situation.

There are many manufacturers of inverters ranging from very cheap and frequently unreliable all the way to more expensive top-of-the-line products with proven reliability. Our range of inverters are world leaders in reliability and innovation and we have them in everything from domestic to commercial to government projects.

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One of the very few solar inverters still manufactured in Europe, Austrian company Fronius have developed a range of innovative inverters for both the domestic and commercial markets.

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In a solar PV system with a string inverter, shading on one panel impacts the performance of the entire system. Microinverters eliminate this problem by placing one inverter on each panel.

SMA Solar Technology

Established in Germany in 1981, SMA are the one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar inverters and have an excellent reputation for engineering quality and reliability.