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The three key questions you need to ask before buying your solar battery

Solar batteries are proving to be a popular topic of conversation at the moment with many a homeowner exploring their options for their existing or upcoming Solar PV installations.

While many are already thinking ‘Tesla OR Enphase” or “Gel OR Lithium” it is important to know all solar batteries work in different ways and are only compatible with certain inverters.

In fact, did you know some of the newest and most affordable batteries on the market do not provide protection from blackouts and are not compatible with living off-the-grid?

This is partly how the price has been reduced on the more affordable batteries. While this is absolutely fine if those features are not important to you, if you are seeking more independence from energy suppliers then you need to ensure your battery has the right capabilities.

Three Key Questions

To avoid investing in a battery that is totally wrong for your needs and lifestyle you need to ask yourself three key questions:

  1. Do you want to store solar energy for use after the sun goes down?
  2. Do you want live off the batteries if there is ever a power outage at your property?
  3. Do you ever want to live completely off-the-grid one day? (Or would like the option to do so if energy prices keep rising)?

Your answers will determine which battery products are the most suitable for you and your needs.

Expert Advice

Now that you have the answers, it is important to seek out expert advice in the area.

But first most importantly do not just assume that a company that installs solar automatically knows about solar batteries. In fact there is less industry experience in solar batteries than in solar with approximately only 1 in 50 solar installers having ever installed solar batteries.

Just like when solar hit its industry peak – a number of ‘cowboy’ operations will spring up overnight to make a quick buck in the solar battery market. So buyers beware.

Make sure the company’s you are seeking information from have both industry trained sales consultants as well as trained and proven installers. We would even recommend to ask for proof of prior installations.

You can check out EnviroGroup’s solar battery experience with these two residential installations, in Blackburn and Upwey.

Product Recommendations

As a general rule we recommend to go with proven products from proven companies with strong track records. You can view our guide to the various solar batteries on the market here.

To hear our recommendation for your individual property we want to hear more about you and your needs first.

Give us a call 1300 430 430 or contact us .

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