EnviroGroup is proud to partner with Moreland City Council to provide businesses and organisations with solar and energy improvements.

Medium to large businesses and community organisations can benefit from operational, energy and carbon emission savings. EnviroGroup can help provide support with energy assessments, quotes for upgrades and advice about government subsidies and other finance options.


Energy upgrades for businesses and organisations

Upgrades may include:

  • Energy assessment of your business or organisation
  • Solar system
  • Battery storage
  • Insulation
  • Draught proofing
  • Reverse-cycle air conditioners for cooling and heating
  • Hot water services

Financial support

Environment Upgrade Finance is a long term, low-interest loan where the repayments are administered through your local council. Environmental Upgrade Finance is a proven way for building owners to fund building upgrades.

Features of this finance include:

  • No upfront capital or security
  • Fixed-rate, long-term loan terms with low annual repayments
  • Option to share costs between owners and tenants
  • Repayments are collected through council rates
  • Every loan is legislated to deliver a positive environmental outcome

An environmental upgrade to your business premises can:

  • Improve the conditions for occupants
  • Reduce utility bills and your business’s carbon footprint
  • Increase the resale or lease value of your property

EnviroGroup will help you with a

  • FREE Assessment. We identify the low hanging fruit that can save you money and make your business more sustainable
  • FREE Design and Costing.  A custom design is created for the upgrade that is most relevant to your business
  • MAXIMUM Rebates. We identify the maximum rebates you are eligible for and work with you to claim them
  • DISCOUNTED Upgrades. We organise the upgrades for your business which could include solar, lighting, heating, cooling and appliances
  • LOW COST Finance. When you need it, to make sure the process has minimal impact on your cashflow
  • QUALITY Control. As a council program quality, service and OH&S are paramount – so you can go ahead with confidence

If you are interested you need to act quickly as the assessments must be completed before June 30. Ring Olivia on 0410 023 160 or email


Contact Moreland City Council to access this program

Who does this program help?
Medium to large business or community organisations in Moreland

Subsidies available: Environmental Upgrade Finance is available. A long-term, low-interest loan where the repayments are administered through council.

What is the offer:
An energy assessment, plus upgrades like a solar system, battery storage, insulation, draught-proofing, reverse-cycle air conditioners for cooling and heating or hot water services.