Renewable Energy Consulting and Engineering Services

EnviroGroup’s auditing, project management and engineering teams can help identify energy inefficiencies and form proactive solutions to enable clients to achieve cost savings and reach their sustainable energy goals.
As consultants, EnviroGroup offer strategic advice and business mentoring – from an initial feasibility study, grant submissions to full project management and facilitation. Our ability to research, plan and implement large scale renewable energy solutions allows our clients to achieve a significant competitive advantage.

  • Project Management and Facilitation
  • Electrical and Power Engineering
  • Energy Audits
  • Tender Management
  • New Builds and Retrofits
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Commercial Finance
  • Solar Farm Consulting
  • Data Monitoring

Solar Power Systems

One of EnviroGroup’s core areas of expertise is commercial solar energy solutions. EnviroGroup’s engineers conduct thorough consultations with businesses to provide extensive savings and positive returns. Businesses that invest in solar technology benefit immeasurably from lower overheads, increased efficiencies and enhanced
customer perception.
EnviroGroup has built its reputation on providing and installing solar systems using the highest-quality components and panels with proven performance and reliability. Our long-standing relationship with some of the world’s largest solar technology companies ensures that the systems installed meet industry standards and clients’ performance expectations.

  • Business and Commercial Solar Systems
  • Residential Solar
  • Solar Farm Consulting
  • Solar System Monitoring

Hot Water Systems

EnviroGroup have extensive experience installing energy saving hot water systems for commercial businesses and local governments that have high water heating requirements such as hospitals, leisure centres, swimming pools and commercial buildings.
EnviroGroup install a range of quality evacuated tube solar hot water systems, flat panel solar water systems, gas systems and heat pumps that have been carefully selected based on performance, reliability and long term durability.

  • Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems
  • Apricus Hot Water Systems
  • Flat Panel Solar Water Systems
  • Dux Hot Water Systems
  • Rheem/Edwards Hot Water Systems

Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Systems

EnviroGroup supplies innovative, economical and highly efficient ducted heating systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems to businesses, commercial buildings and residences providing considerable energy savings.

  • Solar Air Conditioning
  • SolaMate Solar Ducted Heating
  • Solar Whiz Solar Ventilation Systems

Energy Efficient Lighting

Installing efficient lighting helps businesses save on lighting maintenance and energy costs and provides a definite return on investment. EnviroGroup offer systematic lighting audits, lighting designs and install a range of cost effective, efficient lighting solutions for all commercial applications such as office lighting, display lighting, high-bay warehouse lighting and LED street lighting.

  • Energy Efficient Office Lighting
  • High-Bay Warehouse Lighting
  • Display Lighting
  • LED Street Lighting

Wind Generation

EnviroGroup has installed a number of impressive wind turbines for commercial and council properties. These wind turbines are ideal for open spaces and building installations, where a consistent wind resource is available. EnviroGroup specially selects these for their efficiency and durability. EnviroGroup’s accredited wind designers use state-of-the-art logging and engineering equipment to provide custom designed solutions for every client.