The Corner Hotel in Swan Street Richmond is a landmark that exudes a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Richmond’s Corner Hotel has hosted many of Australia’s best bands and a huge number of international acts. Aside from the band room, the front bar provides a chilled out local pub atmosphere for a variety of punters – the after work drinks crowd, footy lovers, alternative music people, locals and the young.

  • 65% reduction in lighting electricity usage savings
  • Annual CO 2 savings: 49 tonnes CO2-e
  • Annual maintenance cost savings: $2,022
  • Payback period: 1 year

Before the Eco Lighting Retrofit

Prior to the eco lighting retrofit, the Corner Hotel was filled with various energy intensive globes, including one hundred and nine 50W Halogen downlights. The annual electricity bill for lighting was $9,210.

After the Eco Lighting Retrofit

After conducting a systematic lighting audit, the energy consumption for lighting at the Corner Hotel was reduced by 65%.

Despite a 40% reduction in the energy consumption from the lights over the bar, Sammy, a barman at the Corner Hotel observed that “It works, there is no difference”.

The Corner Hotel is an excellent example of how overheads can be significantly reduced through efficient lighting. “We are pleased that we took the first steps to retrofit our lights. We are now reaping the rewards” said Tim Northeast, the owner of the Corner Hotel.

The Corner Hotel can now also boast a substantially lower environmental impact, saving 49 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

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