Old England Hotel

The Old England Hotel, located in Heidelberg, has been an impressive and grand landmark since 1848. Open 7 days a week the hotel offers a range of dining experiences to suit almost every taste, whether it’s dinner for two or a function for 100.

The objectives of the lighting retrofit at the Old England Hotel were to reduce the large energy & maintenance bills associated with lighting whilst retaining the building’s aesthetic appearance.

After the Eco Lighting Retrofit

After conducting a systematic lighting audit, the energy consumption for lighting at the Old England Hotel was reduced by 82%.

The Old England Hotel has also substantially reduced its environmental impact by saving 154 tonnes of CO2emissions per annum.

Key Findings

  • 82% reduction in lighting electricity costs
  • Annual CO2 savings: 154 tonnes CO2-e
  • Estimated annual maintenance cost savings: $4,500
  • Payback period: 10 months
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