“The turnaround time was very fast for us and the installation was all done very smoothly. We were highly impressed with the installers and would definitely recommend EnviroGroup to others.”

– Arthur Spurgen

Having previously installed solar to align with their environmental beliefs, it was the financial benefits they saw that gave the Spurgen family the confidence to continue with the investment elsewhere with a 3.5kW solar system. With an additional interest in moving away from gas the Spurgen’s also decided to also install a solar hot water system with an electric booster.

“We previously had a flat panel solar hot water system and decided this time on the Apricus evacuated tubes, as we knew the evacuated tubes provided more energy versus the flat plat systems,” said Arthur Spurgen. “We chose electric back-up solar hot water with the idea to have the hot water boosting done for free with a solar power system.”

The system comprises

  • 14 x 250W Yingli Poly panels
  • Sunnyboy SMA
  • Apricus 22 Tubes Solar Hot Water
  • 250L tank
  • CO2 savings pa approx: approx. 1.23 kg CO2 per kWh
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