EnviroGroup was selected by Sustainability Victoria to improve the energy and water efficiency of 60 Rooming Houses in Victoria through the Rooming House Audit and Retrofit Project. For this project EnviroGroup provided an environmental audit and then retrofitted water and energy efficiency products at the rooming houses.

The purpose of this project was to:
•    Improve electricity, gas and water efficiency in Rooming Houses, resulting in environmental and cost saving benefits for Rooming House operators;
•    Increase comfort for Rooming House residents by reducing draughts in common areas;
•    Collect information and identify opportunities to install, repair, or replace more complex energy and water saving equipment;
•    Provide training and employment to Rooming House residents.

EnviroGroup staff conducted an energy and water audit that investigated and recorded:
•    Low cost basic products which may be installed or replaced;
•    Higher cost, more complex products; and
•    Other items of interest.

Once the sustainability assessment was completed EnviroGroup immediately installed or replaced low cost basic products at no charge to the Rooming House.

Products installed included

  • Installation of water efficient shower heads;
  • Replace worn out tap washers;
  • Replacing old incandescent light bulbs with new energy efficient CFL and LED light bulbs
  • Installation of efficient IRC halogen lamps
  • Installation of weather strips around doors and windows;
  • Installation of Draftstoppa exhaust fan covers;
  • Covering old internal wall vents with adjustable covers; and
  • Insulating external hot water pipes.
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