As a part of a series of projects for the City of Melbourne, we are installing solar on some of the most iconic buildings in Melbourne.

The City of Melbourne have engaged EnviroGroup to install PV on these buildings as part of it’s greater plan to become a carbon neutral council.  Other projects with the City of Melbourne can be see here or here.

The Hub features 135 x 260W Yingli panels and generates 48,684 kWh for the community every year. The Enphase Microinverters, allow staff at The Hub to monitor just how much energy they are generating from the roof of the building.

This System Comprises Of

  • 35kW Roof Mounted Solar Power System
  • 135 x 260W Yingli  panels
  • 135 Enphase 215W Microinverters
  • 48,684 kWh generated per year
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