EnviroGroup can supply and install the right wind turbine to suit your needs. Our wind turbines are specially selected for their efficiency and durability and are ideal for open spaces and building installations where a consistent wind resource is available.

Wind/Battery Systems

It is easy to install a wind turbine to charge a set of batteries. A large range of turbines can be used with common sizes ranging from 100 watts to 10,000 watts. The system can also have solar panels added so that power is available to the site and the battery can be charged under all conditions.

Grid Connected Wind Turbines

Wind turbines can be connected to the grid when an appropriate wind controller and grid connect inverter is used. The turbines must have the correct voltage for grid connection connection. Because on the cost of the components grid connected wind does not tend to be viable for turbines of under 1000 watts.

Wind Power Site Assessments

For a wind resources to provide the desired amount of power the site needs to be assessed and the correct turbine selected for the location.  Our accredited designers use state-of-the-art logging and engineering equipment to provide custom-designed solutions for every customer.

Ring 1300 430 430 to talk about a site assessment.

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