We have such a huge amount of roof space on our buildings, so
we were really in a position to maximise the use of sunlight. We
have been analysing alternative energy systems, such as solar and
wind power, since 2010 and wanted to reduce our reliance on
grid-powered energy that produces CO2 emissions.

– David Young, Director of Strategy and Business, Beaconhills College

Beaconhills College has a strong commitment to sustainability and educating students on being responsible environmental citizens. The College chose YINGLI 4 YOU partners, EnviroGroup, to help maximise the large roof space at its two campuses and at the same time help students learn about energy use.

Beaconhills College currently has two of the largest solar systems in Melbourne schools, with 100kWp systems installed at both its Pakenham and Berwick campuses. David Young, the College’s Director of Strategy and Business, says “We really wanted to show what is achievable and how we can use technology to make a significant difference to our environmental footprint.”

Students can track the power yield via the online data monitoring system, as part of their learning about renewable technologies. Both sites have delivered $55,000 in savings on the College’s power bill just nine months since making the switch, with an expected four and a half year payback period. The project’s success means the College now plans to install solar panels on future facilities.

The system comprises

  • 2 x 100kW Roof Mounted Solar Systems
  • 400 x 250W Yingli Panels on each campus
  • 6 X Sunny Tripower 17000TL-10
  • Annual Yield: 116,435 kWh
  • CO2 savings pa approx: 165 Tonnes
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