Investing in an electric vehicle is a sustainable and economical decision. It’s another important part of your green ecosystem and can maximise savings on energy bills. All you need is an at-home electric vehicle (EV) charger.

Choosing a solar EV charger

A solar EV charger uses solar energy to charge your car. With the energy from your solar system, you will essentially be charging your vehicle for free.

When looking for the right solar EV charger, you may be confronted with many options. At EnviroGroup, we have partnered with the world’s first solar EV charger.

Meet Zappi

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Manufactured by British company, myenergi, Zappi is leading the charge for electric vehicle charge points.

Zappi is the smart EV charger to suit your lifestyle. In addition to its standard EV charger, Zappi also has optional charging modes to enable you to use 100% renewable energy from your solar system.

The #1 best selling solar EV charger in Australia.

Not only are you realising returns from your electric vehicle but you’re also able to further increase returns on your solar system. Easy to install and user friendly, Zappi is still compatible even if you don’t have solar installed yet. It will simply draw the power from the grid to charge your vehicle.

Being the world’s first-ever solar EV charger, Zappi contains carefully designed features which provide complete control. Using the myenergi app, you will be able to set timers, access boost function, monitor your vehicle and more.

Zappi Charge Modes


The charge power will automatically adjust based on changes in power generation or consumption within your home or business. If too much power is being imported from the grid, charging will pause and start only once enough solar power is available.

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The charge power will adjust according to changes in power generation or consumption within your home or business. Charging will only cease once vehicle is completely charged, even if power is being imported from the grid.


The charge of your vehicle will occur at maximum power, either drawing from the grid or renewable energy source. If there is no renewable energy source, Zappi will charge similar to an ordinary Mode 3 charging point.

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