Your school can take action on climate change and commit to a more sustainable and greener future by installing solar.


EnviroGroup is one of the largest providers of solar to schools and universities in Victoria and can make the process of installing solar at your school quicker and easier.

Make energy while the sun shines

Investing in solar not only allows you to reduce your school’s energy bills and run your school more efficiently, but it also helps your school community contribute to a more sustainable future. Schools often have peak power consumption during the day when solar generation is at its highest. Matching your consumption to generation means that your school stands to make major savings from installing solar. Schools have lots of low, easy-access roof space, which makes installing enough solar easy and affordable.

Solar PV on your school buildings will provide a direct link for students to learn about renewable energy technology inside and outside the classroom. Monitoring systems and roof access allow the system to become part of the curriculum– students can see and learn how a solar PV system works.

EnviroGroup – the solar experts

EnviroGroup has extensive industry experience. Our project team is made up of Electrical Engineers, Project Managers, CEC Accredited Designers and Electricians and we have high-skilled in-house installation teams – meaning we do not rely on subcontracted work. All on-site staff have Working with Children Checks.

We ensure that a solar installation runs smoothly with as little disruption to the school as possible. We adapt any installation to the needs of each school by installing large systems during school holidays, and use strategies to minimise installation impact on schools, such as using hand tools to eliminate noise pollution.

What our customers say

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The process

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All EnviroGroup Installations include:

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Interactive Monitoring

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