customer referral program

Refer your friends and family and receive a $100 eftpos gift card!*

We love that our customers are passionate about the environment and make conscious choices on solar and sustainability.

What we love more is when our customers refer their friends and family. After all, who better than a trusted buddy to tell you about EnviroGroup and the benefits of solar energy?

As a way to say Thank You, we’ve introduced our customer referral program.

All you need to do is fill out the form below with the details of your friend or family member. When the installation for your friend or family member is complete, you’ll receive your gift card!

If you want to refer more than one person, simply refresh the page to return to the form.

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Terms and conditions

* EnviroGoup Customer Referral Program Terms & Conditions. “Referrer” means the person referring EnviroGroup to another party, and “Referee” means the party who has been referred to EnviroGroup. Upon receiving the details for the referral, EnviroGroup will contact the Referee and confirm their willingness to take part in the program. In order to be considered an eligible referral, the Referee must not have contacted EnviroGroup of their own accord within the last 90 days. Referrals are invalid where the Referrer and Referee are the same person or reside at the same residential address. It is the responsibility of the Referrer to ensure that the Referee is eligible under the conditions of this document.

By accepting our Customer Referral Program Terms & Conditions, you represent that you have the authority to disclose the name of the Referree who is referred to us. Without this authority, you acknowledge that you are ineligible to participate in the program.

If the referral is successful, the Referrer will receive one (1) $100 Eftpos Gift Card (“Program Reward”). Gift Card is not exchangeable or redeemable for cash and must not be resold. Where it is not possible for EnviroGroup to provide the indicated reward for any reason, a reward of equal or greater value will be awarded instead. EnviroGroup retains the right to update this promotional program with different rewards and can end this program at any time. All participants in the program prior to conclusion will have their rewards honoured. EnviroGroup/EnviroShop employees not eligible.

To be eligible for the Program Reward, the following conditions must be met:

  • All mandatory fields in the EnviroGroup web form must be filled, or the same information must be provided to EnviroGroup.
  • The Referrer must be an existing customer of EnviroGroup.
  • The Referee must NOT be an existing customer of EnviroGroup.
  • In the case where multiple referrers refer to the same friend, the Program Reward will be paid to the first referrer. The date stamp of the Referral Form will be used to determine which referral has primacy.
  • The Referee must make a purchase and proceed to installation of a solar system and/or solar battery. Only once the installation has been completed on the Referee’s property and payment has been confirmed, will the Program Reward be issued to the Referrer. Eligible solar systems are defined as being complete must be grid or off-grid connected systems sized 2 kW and above. Eligible solar battery systems are defined as being complete must be 3.5kW and above.
  • The Program Reward cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other promotions. If there is an attempt to redeem another promotion reward in conjunction with the Program Reward, the customer will receive only one (1) promotion reward. This will be determined by whichever reward value is higher – the reward with the highest value will be honoured and issued to the customer if applicable and only if all other terms and conditions have been met.
  • Should any of the above conditions fail to be met, EnviroGroup cannot guarantee the delivery of the Program Reward and have the right to cancel the program reward for the relevant participants.
  • Should EnviroGroup not be able to get in contact with the Referrer to issue the Program Reward, after a reasonable number of attempts, the reward will be voided.
  • The Referrer can only receive the Program Reward based on installations at the property address stated in the online form submission.
  • The Program Reward will be processed and sent via email once the latter of the following occurs: (i) the installation date or (ii) date the invoice is paid in full. EnviroGroup will not be responsible for invalid or incorrect email addresses.
  • Referrers are welcome to refer as many people as they wish. As long as the above eligibility conditions are met, there is no limit as to how many Program Rewards can be redeemed.

By participating in the Customer Referral Program, all participants acknowledge that they have read and agreed to the EnviroGroup’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Note: The EnviroGroup Customer Referral Program is not available to Central Victoria customers.