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Take ownership of your family’s energy future by becoming less dependent on the prices controlled by the energy retailers – produce your own electricity with the Smart Hybrid solution that includes home battery storage. Through the “time of use” settings, the Redback can be programmed to charge off the grid at off-peak rates.

Have peace of mind because even if there is a power outage, you will still have electricity. The Redback Smart Hybrid System has a backup circuit built in, which will automatically kick in when a blackout occurs, offering full black-out protection of up to 6.9kW (10 secs).

Back-Up Backed By Knowledge

With the easy to use MYRedback app, you can monitor the amount of electricity your solar panels are producing, the amount being exported back to the grid, and your household energy consumption.

Through a strong partnership with The University of Queensland, Redback is creating a research and development institute to accelerate the continued creation of market leading innovation and intellectual property.

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The Whole Package

The Redback Smart Hybrid System features a 5kW hybrid inverter and flexible battery storage (4.8 – 11.8kWh). Its hybrid functionality means you’re able to save energy for your own personal use. And when your batteries are full, you can sell your generated power back to the electrical grid.

The modern, all-in-one solution has been constructed with lightweight, high quality materials suitable for exposed outdoor installation, and tested to endure the harshest weather conditions.

Key Features of the Redback hybrid battery

Usable Capacity

Modular battery storage

4.8 – 11.8kWh

Depth of discharge


European averaged efficiency


Peak output power

270 VA


Indoors and outdoors

Noise emissions

Less than 25dB


5 years

Operating temperatures

-25ºC to 60ºC


Lithium-ion (LiFePO4)

Battery Dimensions

W 516mm x H 1205mm x D 280mm

Uninterrupted backup power (UPS)

Intelligent software updates

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Find out more about the Redback hybrid battery system

This is what you’ll need to give us:

1. The most recent winter and a summer power bill

2. Information on your home (roof type, orientation etc)

3. Contact details

Everyone’s house is different and this information will help us get your system designed and quoted a lot quicker.

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Why Choose EnviroGroup?

At EnviroGroup we believe in quality. Not just in product but in service as well.

That’s why our point of difference is our inhouse installation team.

While many solar operators outsource installations to contractors, we choose to invest in a team that we know will provide our clients 100%, 100% of the time.

Our installation team is made up of fully accredited and qualified specialists who have experience installing renewable energy systems in both the commercial and residential market sectors.

Read more about us and our team here.