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Why EnviroGroup?

  • Servicing Victoria since 2004

    The Company has been trading under this entity since 2004 and is locally owned and operated.

  • Australian Solar Council ‘Positive Quality’ Panels

    All of the panels we use are Australian Solar Council ‘Positive Quality’ solar panels. We do not compromise on quality and only provide the best. To ensure quality is maintained at a high level we provide all components and products for installation.

  • Independent Product Testing

    We test all of our solar stock independently. ‘Photon International’ provides independent testing on leading Solar Products.

  • Code of Conduct

    We work to a high moral code, ensuring truth and integrity is always maintained throughout the business.

  • High Level of Expertise

    On staff we have a Power Engineer, Solar Energy Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Project Managers, Auditors, Electricians and CEC Accredited solar designers. We work hard to ensure our staff are the best consultants within the Industry.

  • Background Research

    We do our best to offer the most efficient and reliable brands. Our in-house Engineers ensure and verify that products we sell are good quality and meet performance specifications.

  • Warranty Support Within Australia

    We only use products that offer servicing and warranty support within Australia. We do not rebrand or import any products.

  • Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

    We only offer products that have friendly Environmental manufacturing practices. The ‘Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition’ provides a yearly scorecard, rating the leading Solar Providers.

  • Endorsed by Councils

    Over the past 10-years we have worked with over 20 councils through-out Melbourne and work hard to ensure we have the best reputation.

  • Qualified, Certified, In House Installers

    We have worked with our installers for many years and ensure installation are performed to a high level and by fully qualified Electricians.

  • Retail Outlets

    We are a business where you can simply walk in and speak to us at any time, and find a whole wider range of products that we sell as EnviroShop.

  • Dedicated to the Cause

    We’re dedicated to the cause – our staff are in this field because they genuinely believe in the environment and being sustainable.