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“Like bread and butter, black and white, sun and sand – solar and storage are a perfect pair.”

Smart solar

Your solar system is at its most effective in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest peak. But if you aren’t there to run your lights and appliances, that power isn’t being put to use in your home.

The addition of a solar battery allows for “self-consumption”. Enphase AC batteries enable excess power generated by your panels throughout the day to be is stored for later, when you can really use it.

Enphase AC batteries also come with time of use optimisation. This means during off peak times when energy is cheaper, the storage system will draw power from the grid, and when energy is more expensive, the system will draw on its own power reserves.

Size matters…

A little bit of solar battery storage will help you expand the reach of your solar system to maximise your energy and bill savings even when the sun isn’t high in the sky. A lot can keep your home powered during grid outages and take you all the way to energy independence.

With the scalable technology of Enphase AC batteries, we can tailor the size of your system to suit your needs perfectly. If in the future your family grows or your energy needs change, the storage size of your solar battery can be increased by seamlessly ‘stacking’ them.

The Performance Model

Enphase is the global leader in micro-inverter technology – specifically created to overcome the efficiency limits of most solar systems. Their solar battery technology is no different. Boasting a 96% round-trip efficiency and 100% usable capacity, the 1.2kWh battery is the definition of small but mighty.

Key features of the Enphase solar battery

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Usable Capacity

1.2 kWh

Depth of discharge


Roundtrip cell efficiency


Peak output power

270 VA


Indoor wall mounting

No single point of failure

Battery safety certifications

TUV Rheinland


10 years

Operating temperatures

20ºC to 45ºC


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)


390 mm (W) x 325 mm (H)

x 220 mm (D)

Find out more about the Enphase solar battery

This is what you’ll need to give us:

1. The most recent winter and a summer power bill

2. Information on your home (roof type, orientation etc)

3. Contact details

Everyone’s house is different and this information will help us get your system designed and quoted a lot quicker.

Why Choose EnviroGroup?

At EnviroGroup we believe in quality. Not just in product but in service as well.

That’s why our point of difference is our inhouse installation team.

While many solar operators outsource installations to contractors, we choose to invest in a team that we know will provide our clients 100%, 100% of the time.

Our installation team is made up of fully accredited and qualified specialists who have experience installing renewable energy systems in both the commercial and residential market sectors.

Read more about us and our team here.