Solar Servicing

Resolve issues before they occur

Make sure your solar system is safe and healthy

One of the key benefits of a solar system is its projected lifespan. Well made panels can generate energy for up to 25 years or even longer! And while most systems will run with minimal issues, its always advisable to get your system inspected periodically to make sure that it is safe and generating as it should.

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We offer:

  • Faulty panels and inverter repairs
  • Panel cleaning
  • Wiring inspections
  • Solar monitoring
  • Battery health checks
  • Off-grid system service

To make sure that your system is safe and healthy, EnviroGroup provides solar servicing for residential solar PV systems.
Also known as a ‘safety inspection’, solar servicing is a cost effective way to put your mind at ease on the safety of your solar system.


Commercial Solar Service

Commercial solar systems range significantly in size but one thing that they all need is regular service and maintenance. To ensure reliability and longevity, EnviroGroup offers comprehensive solar services for all commercial solar systems. Book a solar service with EnviroGroup and be sure to maximise savings for your business.

residential solar

Residential Solar Service

After installation, solar systems can be easily forgotten. EnviroGroup is here to provide service and maintenance for residential solar systems. We conduct detailed audits that test all components of your solar system and proactively pick up any faults. Minimise your household carbon footprint and maximise savings on energy bills with a solar service from EnviroGroup.

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Solar Monitoring

Do you know how your solar system is performing? Solar Analytics takes the guesswork out of managing your solar system. It enables you to monitor not only the production of your solar, but also the consumption and see from day one, the savings you are making. It’s a great feeling to know you’re producing your energy needs with solar, but it’s even better when you can see the visual picture.

Do I need a solar service?

In the past decade, solar has grown at an incredible rate in Australia. There are now over 3 million rooftop solar installations in Australia. EnviroGroup have served thousands of these Australian homes and many of our clients were ‘early adopters’ who led the charge in solar implementation. Some solar customers may receive letters from their energy retailers and/or network providers stating that their systems need to be up to code or they risk facing disconnection of their systems.

A well installed solar PV system should be compliant to the standards at the date of installation. Only if a system has been modified, upgraded or repaired (and a like-for- like replacement was unavailable) would it need to meet current standards. It is the responsibility of the system owner to ensure that the system is safe and in good working order. If a system is deemed unsafe, it may be disconnected, thereby stopping any energy savings as well as a loss of feed-in tariff revenue.

Regular solar servicing ensures any issues that could cause disconnection are identified early.

What does solar servicing cover?

Once you’ve booked an inspection of your system with us, one of our licensed solar electricians will come out to site to review the different components of your system. We will look for wear and tear and check if anything is preventing the system from running as it should. This includes excess dust, damage from weather, water accumulation, integrity of seals, etc. The technician will also perform electrical checks to make sure that your system is safe. These include checking voltages, inverter error codes, fuses and ensuring that protective devices are still functioning. Once all checks are done, you will receive a report which covers the result of the service and any recommendations we may have.

What doesn’t the solar service cover?

Our technicians are qualified and experienced in solar, they will be able to tell you if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. However, the service does not cover on the spot repairs. If there is an issue with the system, we will get in touch to book in a proper repair – we do this to ensure that we fully understand the issue and that we have the proper parts/equipment with us.

If you would like your panels cleaned, please let your technician know. Solar PV panels have a durable glass coating and are often installed at an angle where rainwater can usually provide adequate cleaning. We only recommend cleaning in situations such as excessive dust, bird droppings or vegetation cover. Your technician will advise you if your panels need cleaning when on site.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a solar service will depend on the size of the system, how many panels, the accessibility of the solar system and so on. At EnviroGroup, we customise the solar service according to the needs of your commercial or residential solar system. Contact our friendly service team via the button below for a tailored price.

Not an EnviroGroup customer?

We’re more than happy to service your system, we just need a few details before we come out to you.

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  • "Just to let you know how pleased we are with our new solar panels. We really appreciated the time you took to help us understand how best to respond to our neighbours’ second storey and how it would all work. The installation crew were delightful people to have on the premises and communicated well.
    The results have been excellent since the installation. Despite the mixed weather, we’ve had constant days of 50% and more (best day 74%) self-powering and yesterday (a fine day), our battery storage was up to 90% at one point. Given it is the low point of the year, it augues well for summer."

    Ngaire and Jeff
  • EnviroGroup kept us informed of the product and its installation process prior to commencement and the team at the facility for installation were punctual and had excellent work ethics. I would strongly recommend the installation of the solar panels to any facility or business who may be looking at same

    George Foggo
    George Foggo Sale Elderly Citizens Village
  • EnviroGroup took the time to understand our needs and delivered a solution that we believe will meet or exceed our expectations

    Nicole Sandhaus
    Nicole Sandhaus Glenlyn Aged Care
  • EnviroGroup demonstrated meticulous attention to detail by designing and delivering a high efficiency solar PV system using Yingli Solar panels

    Tony Osky
    Tony Osky Complete Food Services
  • Our aim is to become carbon neutral by 2016 – EnviroGroup’s installation of the Yingli solar system is a vital step in achieving this goal. We are looking forward to seeing our electricity bills and carbon emissions dropping drastically.

    Des Forrester
    Des Forrester Balgownie Estate
  • "Whilst the installation was first class, it was the ‘one percenters’ performed such as effective communications, co-ordinating schedules, arranging all the technical documentation and providing installation reports to me that made dealing with EnviroGroup such a great experience."

    Mark Perry
    Mark Perry Alphington Bowls Club
  • "Dealing with EnviroGroup was easy from start to finish. They provided a very high level of service and a seamless install of two large solar power systems."

    Stephen O'Shea
    Stephen O'Shea De La Salle College
  • "Envirogroup provided good customer service, accurate information & competitive prices to residents for a wide range of sustainability products. I was impressed with Envirogroup's readiness to respond to suggestions for tweaking the program to improve the outcomes for residents, proving that they were flexible and professional to deal with."

    Heather McClaren - Sustainability Officer
    Heather McClaren - Sustainability Officer Melton Shire Council
  • "We received value for money from EnviroGroup. Their customer service was excellent, communication was efficient and accurate. Their understanding of products and the industry in general gave us confidence that we were well looked after. Any issues that arose were dealt with very smoothly."

    Gavin Bransgrove - Principal
    Gavin Bransgrove - Principal Parkhill Primary School
  • "Your experience, specialist skills and passion for providing sustainability solutions assisted Council in achieving the project aim and objectives. Overall you provided an excellent standard of work and collaborated closely with Council to achieve a successful outcome."

    Frankston City Council (Energy & Efficiency Works)