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Choosing your Solar System Installer 

You’ve decided you want to switch to solar power and are on the lookout for a quality installer. Making the choice can be somewhat difficult, given the many different solar system installers available. So, what do you need to consider? We’ve compiled 6 key questions you need to think about when embarking on your choice of solar system installer.

1. Does the solar installer sell quality products?

To get reliable performance for the long term, it’s a must to invest in quality materials for your solar system. You want a solar installer who will provide you with the best options. 

You will hear the term ‘Tier 1’ thrown around. Bloomberg New Energy Finance introduced three tiers for solar panels according to financially based criteria to provide some direction for consumers in understanding the quality of different solar panels. However, the criteria is a broad one so panels that are given Tier 1 status can vary considerably in their quality and performance. 

You can therefore choose between a Superior Tier 1 or Basic Tier 1 solar panel. Rule of thumb is a Tier 1 solar panel is in fact the best choice of solar panel however within the tier, there are differences and the one you ultimately choose will depend on the level of quality and performance you require.

2. Does the solar installer have local after sales support and service available?

When deciding on your solar system installer, it’s critical that they have a local support office. Access to local after sales support and service ensures any issues with your solar system are resolved quickly and workmanship warranties are handled in a timely manner.

Having a local support and service team also means they can assist you with manufacturer warranties and provide advice in your time zone.

3. Is the solar installer accredited with the Clean Energy Council?

To install solar systems, a solar retailer must be approved by the Clean Energy Council as a designer, installer and retailer. Where an installer is not accredited, you will be unable to claim government incentives and rebates on your system. 

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4. Does the solar installer have other certifications?

You should also check whether the solar system installer has other relevant certifications including quality management and occupational safety. These additional qualifications provide greater confidence in the capability and professionalism of the installer.

5. How long has the solar installer been around?

Solar system installers generally provide a workmanship warranty. Some may even provide generous 10 year warranties. However, if the company goes out of business, they will no longer be able to honour the warranty. It’s therefore important to check the experience of the installer.

They may offer a 10 year workmanship warranty but have they even been around for more than five years? Take a look at their founders and ask them about their experience with performing high quality installations.

6. Do the products sold by the solar installer have a commitment to the Australian market?

With many solar products entering the Australian market, you need to consider whether the products endorsed by the solar installer are committed to the Australian market. The stronger the product presence in Australia, the more assurance of meeting manufacturer warranties and the capability for the solar installer to provide adequate after sales support and service.

Chat to our renewable energy consultants 

At EnviroGroup, we stock only Tier 1 panels and pride ourselves on providing first class service for our customers. Servicing Victoria since 2004, we have an extensive history installing high performing solar systems.

Our managing director, Mick Harris, is a strong advocate for renewable energy and his passion for a sustainable future underpin the values of EnviroGroup. He founded the ATA International Projects Group which installed more than 1000 solar power systems in East Timor.

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