EnviroGroup was approached by Monash Business Incubator in Mulgrave to design and install this impressive 60kW Solar Power System in late 2012. EnviroGroup was selected based on reputation, professionalism and the breadth of technical expertise of its in-house engineers, designers and installers in diverse renewable technologies. Monash Business Incubator not only required a supplier that could design and install high quality Solar Photovoltaic systems, but one that could combine this technology with others such as Wind Generation.

The Solar Power project was promptly completed in January 2013, comprising of premium components and installed by EnviroGroup’s expert team of inhouse solar installers.

EnviroGroup’s team of expert solar designers accommodated the natural curve of the roof by having some strings of PV modules installed flat to the surface of the roof, with others utilising tilt frames of gradually increasing angles to achieve optimal solar generation.

The system comprises

  • 240 x Premium Yingli Solar PV panels
  • 4 x SMA 15000 TriPower Inverters
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