The Implementation of Energy and Water Efficiency Works project was an exciting two staged project initiated by Frankston City Council to reduce electricity consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption from 16 of the Council’s most notable energy intensive properties including the Seaford Community Centre, the Frankston Civic Centre and the Frankston Operations Centre.

The works undertaken by EnviroShop were informed by sustainability assessments, which identified various measures to reduce resource consumption while quantifying annual cost savings and expected pay back periods.

From this analysis EnviroShop and Council identified the most viable and cost effective measures that would offer the shortest pay back periods and value for money on investment. A focus of the project was also to implement measures that would improve or wouldn’t significantly impact upon the amenity of the buildings.

EnviroShop carried out the design, supply, installation and commissioning of all measures and completed the project on time and within budget.

It is estimated that the project will save 30,738 kiloWatt hours of electricity and reduce 40.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per year. Cost savings will amount to nearly $7,625 per year, with an overall estimated payback period of 5.2 years.

Products supplied and installed and actions implemented included

  • 3kW solar electricity system
  • Energy Efficient Lighting retrofit (including new LED downlights, efficient downlight transformers, new T8 lighting with reflectors)
  • Replacing old inefficient, illuminated exit signs with new LED exit signs
  • Installing motion sensors on lighting circuits
  • Installing slimline water tanks and connecting to toilets
  • Installing water efficient showerheads and tap restrictors
  • Installing timers on high electricity consuming appliances (including boiler units)
  • Installing door draught stoppers
  • Installing water efficient toilets and urinal cisterns
  • Installing lagging on hot water pipes
  • Replacing inefficient hand dryers with new efficient hand dryers
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