In mid 2009 EnviroShop won a competitive tender to undertake Round 1 of the Greening Frankston’s Children Centres project. After successful completion of Round 1 on time and within budget, EnviroShop was again selected through tender to deliver the second round of the project.

This project, initiated by Frankston City Council, and supported by the Victorian Government, involved environmental auditing of 48 Child Care Centres, Maternity and Child Health Centres and Community Centres located in and around Frankston. These environmental audits focused on developing practical recommendations to reduce electricity and water consumption.

Once recommendations were approved by Frankston City Council, measures were then supplied and installed by EnviroShop.

We estimate that the electricity and water saving measures will reduce consumption in these various buildings by 45,309 kiloWatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year (the equivalent of planting 296 trees per year) and 4,341 kilolitres of water.

This amounts to savings of 59.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year – with total cost savings of nearly $14,750 to the Council each year.

The positive outcomes of the project were officially recognised by Sustainability Victoria through their Case Studies developed for the Sustainability Fund.

Systems installed and actions implemented included

  • 3 x 2kW Grid Connect Solar electricity systems
  • 3 x Evacuated tube solar hot water installations
  • 640 square meters of R3.5 bulk insulation installed
  • Energy efficient lighting retrofit (including LED lighting, new T8 fluorescent lighting with reflectors, motion sensors)
  • Standby Power saving systems
  • Installing timers on high electricity consuming appliances
  • Draught sealing around windows & doors
  • Rainwater Harvesting systems (water tanks connected to toilets)
  • Water efficiency measures (installing efficient taps, tap flow restrictors, efficient toilets & urinals)
  • Installing lagging on hot water pipes
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