EnviroGroup offers engineering and technical services. We are recognized for our strict adherence to the standards and industry best practice and our engineers are used by a number of local governments for their auditing.

Here are some of our services:

– Power Usage Audit

Many businesses are often completely unaware of where their energy usage is being spent and this can lead to extraordinarily high power bills. We can analyse your meter data and monitor the usage of equipment to gain a full understanding of your energy profile over a day, month or year, down to very small increments. With this knowledge, we can often reduce electrical waste and bring the bill down even before we start working out solar power. Business owners armed with this knowledge can renegotiate power contracts and plan for ways to further bring down one of the biggest fixed costs.

– Solar Power System Specifications

Installing solar power is more than just filling a roof with panels. System design requires careful thought on how the system will sit on a roof and the best possible way to address a power bill. We pay careful consideration to future-proofing your business or home and help you plan for additional energy burdens like electric car charging. Stage planning is also a part of the specification and our engineers will help you roll out a system in stages in order to meet your budget.

– Hot Water System Audit and Reporting

Hot water systems for apartment blocks, colleges, sporting facilities etc can be a sizable component of an energy load. We can audit your existing systems to show you how much energy is being wasted and provide recommendations for replacing it with modern and energy efficient hot water systems.

– Business Case Analysis

For very large organisations with extremely large energy consumption, the process of installing large solar systems requires significant planning, cost analysis and administration. The EnviroGroup Major Projects team can facilitate the smooth implementation of capital solar works with accurate Business Case Analysis and feasibility studies. We have a complete understanding of the approval processes for every DNSP in Victoria as well as all the ancillary requirements such as structural engineering, network protection and insurance. Our Business Case Analysis will provide your organization with accurate financial and energy outcomes.

– Technical Services

Our Service department and solar accredited A-Grade electricians offer a full range of technical support either on site or via solar monitoring platforms. As well as providing ongoing service for our own customers, we can take over the service for systems installed by other companies who have since left the market. Many of these ‘orphaned’ systems have been left in a faulty or dangerous condition which can not only put the building at risk but by not working, leaving your energy bill completely unaddressed and costing you money. You can start the ball rolling by booking a Solar Safety Check and getting your system brought back into action.