Founded in the USA over 30 years ago, SunPower have a strong history of research and development. Many of the advances in solar panel design have been a result of SunPower developments. For instance, SunPower was the pioneer of back-of-cell circuit printing.

The price of SunPower is reflective of the extreme lifespan and incredible performance it delivers. SunPower panels have an efficiency rating of up to 25% compared to the industry average of 16%-18%.

SunPower also offers the most comprehensive product warranties on the market:

  • 25 year product warranty (compared to 10 years on most other brands)
  • Removal of a faulty panel
  • Shipping of faulty panel
  • New panel installation

We are proud to be one of the few authorised SunPower dealers in Australia.

There are two series of SunPower that we offer: the Performance Series and the Maxeon.

sunpower perf

Sunpower Performance Series

sunpower performance envirogroup

The Performance Series P19 monocrystalline panel is our workhorse SunPower panel. Not only do you get the amazing SunPower efficiency, warranty and lifespan, you will get the best looking panel available. With power outputs up to 335W, we can create solar power systems with fewer panels to reduce your price and maximise your space.

Sunpower Maxeon Series

sunpower maxeon envirogroup

The Maxeons are at the extreme end of solar panel development. With power outputs up to 400W, the Maxeon allows us to extract the most amount of solar power from small roof spaces. Five Maxeons will produce a 2kW system where we would need seven Trinas to get the same result. This means a much smaller array and a better result for you.