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Adair Bunnett wasn’t going to take no for an answer when it came to installing solar panels on her Albert Park home.

Having been involved in the preparation of educational materials on greenhouse gas emissions, she had a solid understanding of the environmental and technical principles of Solar PV and knew what she wanted and the possibilities.

While many other solar panel operators told Adair that it couldn’t be done because of lack of roof space EnviroGroup stood up to the challenge and successfully installed a 2.2kW solar panel system.

Through the use of eight flat and tilt mounted 250kW Solar World solar panels and eight Enphase 250w micro-inverters, we were able to design a system that fit in with Adair’s brief and environmental beliefs.

Micro-inverters also ensured Adair’s system would be future proof so she could easily upgrade her system.

But for Adair, the return on investment significantly changed once she added batteries to the mix. 

Since the initial installation of solar in 2016, Adair added two solar batteries in 2017 and then after relocating the air conditioner, Adair installed three more panels and another battery in 2019. 

Looking at her usage through the Enphase app, it’s wonderful to see that Adair is well on her way to being carbon neutral. Over the lifetime (2016-2021) of her solar system, Adair was able to reach 59% energy independence from the grid.

Her energy independence for the year 2021 is particularly impressive:

albert park

Adair states that there are even months where she is able to produce all her electricity needs from her solar energy alone.

The system comprises

  • 8 x Solar World 275W solar panels
  • 8 x Enphase 250W microinverters
  • Enphase AC Batteries 1.2kWh
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