Thank you so much for the recent installation of solar panels at my home. The whole process was seamless and left nothing to be desired.

Other companies had looked at their computers and said ‘not enough roof space – it can’t be done’. Paul, however, came out to look at my property, got on the roof and by using the available roof space in a clever way he worked out a solution that meets my needs. He managed to provide a 2.2kW system when others couldn’t provide 1.8kW. He explained the elements of the installation in a way that recognised that I had some knowledge of the language used in solar technology. The quotes he provided were detailed and informative, and he left me with brochures about the products that I could refer to at my leisure. I felt that what I wanted had been heard, and even better, there was no sales pressure at all!

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I couldn’t be happier with the actual installation process. Martyn and his offsider were the tidiest electricians I have ever seen. I tell my friends that there was none of the trail of pieces of copper wire and stripped insulation and their eyes widen with wonderment. There was no music, no calling from one end of the property to the end, and it was incredibly civilised.

I was also impressed by the careful attention in organising and marking up the relevant forms and documents. Commissioning a solar system is quite a complicated process with a number of steps by different organisations. The explanation of the process was extremely clear, and thus easy to follow. Again, the whole process was perfect.

Throughout I was kept fully informed about each step and the next one by the incredibly efficient and friendly Melinda and Natasha.

I’m also delighted with the Enphase system you installed. Friends have been incredibly impressed with the software, which has been a lot of fun. And of course batteries are not too far away.

The whole installation from quote to completion has been seamless and free of any stress or difficulty. I’ve had friends who were driven to distraction by sub-contractors who didn’t talk to each other, and who hadn’t had the system explained in terms they could understand. I had none of that.

I congratulate you on having created such a wonderful team of people. It has been a pleasure to deal with you in every aspect of your business.

I have no hesitation in recommending EnviroGroup for solar installations and other green products.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks for a wonderful job,


Adair Bunnett, OAM

Adair Bunnett wasn’t going to take no for an answer when it came to installing solar panels on her Albert Park home.

Having been involved in the preparation of educational materials on greenhouse gas emissions, she had a solid understanding of the environmental and technical principles of Solar PV and knew what she wanted and the possibilities.

While many other solar panel operators told Adair that it couldn’t be done because of lack of roof space EnviroGroup stood up to the challenge and successfully installed a 2.2kW solar panel system.

Through the use of eight flat and tilt mounted 250kW Solar World solar panels and eight Enphase 250w micro-inverters we were able to design a system that fit in with Adair’s brief and environmental beliefs.

Was she happy about it? You bet.

The system comprises

  • 8 x Solar World 275 W solar panels
  • 8 x Enphase 250W microinverters
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