For this project a 9 panel solar PV system and an array of energy efficient products were installed at the client’s house. The energy efficiency component of the project was essential to ensure that the solar PV system matched the load of the client.
This PV system prevents 2.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the environment each year, which is the equivalent of planting 12 trees each year.

The clients live just outside Castlemaine in central Victoria. They were lucky enough to purchase a small house at the end of a track with lovely views and peaceful bush land. Unfortunately there was no power at the block and it was prohibitively expensive to connect the grid. The solution was a standalone power system.

The system is conservatively designed to cope with an average daily load of 3.2 kWh per day. However it has a backup ultra high efficiency petrol generator that will automatically start as a backup in times of very low solar irradiation or when too much power is being consumed.

The system comprises

  • 9 Trina 190w TSM-DC01, 190W Panels. Installed at a highly pitched tilt frames to make the most of the winter sun resource.
  • Tri star 60a 48v Regulator
  • 24 volt battery bank comprising 12 individual 650 amp hour Hoppecke deep cycle batteries
  • Outback 3000Watt 24Volt 85amp Inverter Charger
  • Honda auto start petrol backup generator
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