Mr and Mrs Palamara wanted to cut their electricity usage, greenhouse gas emissions and impact on the environment. They decided on a 5kW PV system, which was designed to significantly cut their electricity consumption from the grid. They have been very happy with the performance of their solar PV system and the service they were provided from their installers.

The greenhouse gas savings from their system is the equivalent of planting 45 trees each year and will prevent 68.5 tonnes of coal from being burnt over 25 years.

The system comprises

  • Solar Power System Size: 5kW
  • Number and Module Type: 20 x 250W Yingli multicrystalline panels
  • Annual Energy Yield: 6935 kWh per year
  • Orientation Nth facing roof
  • CO2 savings pa approx: 5871 kg pa
Wilson Chris PV SI 3salbert park