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Advance features have made Austria’s Fronius family of solar inverters one of the most popular on the Australian market so much so that they are near universally used in commercial projects and one of the most sought after for residential. Fronius solar inverters are bulletproof. Our installers love them because of the ease of installation via the snapinverter system. Also, the DC isolator is built in; a unique feature which makes the final install very neat and then there’s the straightforward configuration through SolarWeb.


The unique design of Fronius features an innovative installation and maintenance system as well as built-in monitoring. If you have a commercial site or you want to have the ability to monitor energy consumption versus solar generation for a full picture of your total energy profile, then we recommend installing the Fronius Smartmeter. All Fronius inverters come with SolarWeb which will monitor generation and provide information about the performance of your solar system. The Smartmeter is there to measure consumption. It’s well worth the extra expense and it will be a major step forward in making your house an energy smart home.

Fronius inverters use open standard interfaces such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and JSON which allows easy connectivity to current third-party smart home automation systems. The smart home allows the automation of heating, cooling, security as well as smart charging of an Electric Vehicle. Your household power is a primary concern for smart home owners and Fronius is here to assist.

As well as the smart-home, Australia is rapidly moving towards a smart-grid as our electricity network evolves from centralised power generation to distributed generation. This means that all the different types of generation and storage being installed will communicate with each other to ensure a reliable and intelligent energy supply. The economics of power will also change too, and you will find that your home’s solar system will be a participant in the smart-grid. It therefore makes sense to have the best technology to connect into the new energy world.