Completed in Jun 2015, this 99.75kWp system for Manningham City Council’s Depot covers a significant portion of the energy required to run the building.

The competitive tender process and required our team (including our in house electrical engineers) to develop an installation schedule that was compliant, effective and fit within the councils tight time frame.

We also took into account the energy profile of the building and created an array that was North and West facing.

The installation also presented significant safety challenges due to the height of the building. The buildings height also presented some interesting logistical challenges for panel installation and wiring.

One interesting feature of the site is that it has a backup diesel generator. To maintain electrical integrity of the site, we developed a custom wireless interlock to prevent electrical conflicts between the solar PV array and the generator.

With challenges that the site presented, the install was completed in 10 days from start to finish.

The system comprises of

  • 99.75kW Roof Mounted Solar System
  • 399 Yingli 250Wp panels
  • 4 x Aurora inverters
  • Estimated electricity generated: 131 MWh per year
  • Estimated CO2 reduction: 165 Tonnes per year
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