Built in Taiwan, Winaico proudly presents one of the highest performing panels on the market. Not only are they durable and robust, they boast a whole range of outstanding features such as:

  • Panel insurance: On top of the industry beating 15 year workmanship warranty, WINAICO offers a free, two year insurance policy on their panels. This covers material damage and yield reduction from incidents such as storms, hail, theft, operational errors and rodent damage.
  • Durability and toughness: WINAICO panels far exceed IEC standards for physical durability, meaning safer performance than most brands in rough weather conditions.
  • Exceeding performance expectations: at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre.
  • Transparent corporate responsibility: WINAICO publishes annual reports on how energy, water and other resources have been consumed by their factories and are constantly striving for more sustainable manufacturing practices.

What do all these features mean for you?

Simple: Peace of mind that the panels you’re buying will go the distance.