Key Benefits

  • System will generate 50% of the over all daily operation requirements.
  • Payback period of 4 years.
  • The solar system comprises nine different arrays with varying orientations which are cleverly managed by multiple maximum power point trackers.
  • Annual energy yield expected to reach 130,000kWh.

Our operations incurred a massive utility bill, going solar to lower the costs was a key reason for installing the 100kWp solar system. The staff,residents and visitors were impressed with the sea of solar panels across our building – it has been a topic of conversation with many!
– George Foggo, Head of Board, Sale Elderly Citizens Village

The not-for-profit Sale Elderly Citizens Village has been providing high quality care and accommodation to the local community for over 40 years. Currently caring for 75 residents around the clock service, they turned to EnviroGroup to develop and implement a dependable source of
energy for the 88 independent living units on site.

George Foggo, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management for the Sale Elderly Citizens Village says “a major factor in switching to solar was due to wanting to reduce the massive utility bills.”

The 100kWp solar system equates to a payback period of four years and will result in a reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions of 163 tonnes annually. The nine different arrays are managed by several
power point trackers, maximising the power output and will provide 50% of the power required for daily consumption.

The newly installed PV system has been received positively with George commenting that it has been a topic of great conversation for residents, staff and visitors.

George was extremely pleased with the service and the system delivered by EnviroGroup commenting, “We were well informed of the product and its installation process prior to commencement and the team at the facility for installation were punctual and had excellent work ethics.”

“I would strongly recommend the installation of the solar panels to any facility or business who may be looking at same. The disruption during installation is minimal and hopefully we will reap the benefits of this system. The early indication is very positive,” says George.

The system comprises

  • 100kW Roof Mounted Solar System
  • 400 x 250W Yingli Panels
  • 4 x Fronius Inverters
  • Annual Yield: 130,000 kWh
  • CO2 savings pa approx: 163 Tonnes
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