The Fitzroy Gardens install consisted of 200 panels being installed across multiple sites in the gardens. EnviroGroup ensure quality, reliability and efficiency across all installs, and with the Fitzroy gardens, being in charge of several buildings upgrades, we were able to ensure that they were up to industry standard.

Each panel EnviroGroup installed for the Fitzroy Gardens is equipped with an Enphase Micro Inverter, allowing staff to monitor their panels with ease, and peace of mind.

Generating 72,124 kWh per year, the systems CO2 offset is at 88.7 tonnes per year, with 200 x 260 W Yingli panels across several buildings on site, the Fitzroy gardens have taken the equivalent of 21 cars off the road.

In partnering with EnviroGroup, the Fitzroy Gardens have furthered their sustainability and dedication to a greener world.

  • 52 kW Roof Mounted Solar System
  • 200 x 260W Yingli Solar Panels
  • 200 x 215W Enphase Micro Inverters
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