In 2016, the historic Carlton Baths were reopened after undergoing extensive renovation and repairs. The refurbishment cost $19.48 million dollars and was completed in time for the baths 100th year anniversary.

In addition to aesthetic and equipment upgrades the baths featured several energy efficiency features and eco friendly systems. The site already featured an existing solar PV system. However EnviroGroup was contracted to further update their system only a few months after the baths reopened.

With our team of qualified in house installers, coupled with our reputation and experience, the Carlton Baths were confident in our ability to add onto their renewable energy capacity.

Installation was a challenge as the site was tight and compact, with not much space to work with. Requiring the installers to be  work in harnesses on the steep rooftop. This level of safety required advanced OHS planning and documentation, which we were able to complete in house prior to beginning work.

The roof also presented challenges in electrical design as well. There was some shading across the roof as well as large distances between each array that could potentially create voltage drops. Utilising our in house engineering and design team, we were able to come up with a solution to both of these problems.

The resulting system generated an extra 58,260 kWh per annum, and offsets 78.1 tonnes of Co2, or 18.3 cars per year!

  • 45.7kW Roof Mounted Solar System
  • 176 x 260W Yingli Solar Panels 
  • 176 Enphase 230W Micro Inverters
  • 58,260 kWh per annum
  • Offsets 78.1 tonnes of Coper year
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