Bethel Aged Care facility puts the health and safety of their residents’ first. So when they decided to install 99kW solar on their Mill Park centre it was a high priority to have a safe install, which made as few interruptions to the day to day life of residents, and to  the functionality of equipment on site.

Aged Care Facilities face high energy expenditure during the day, due to the facilities necessary for taking care of their residents. In order to offset Bethel Aged Cares’ CO2 emissions, and reduce their costs, EnviroGroup designed a system that would work with the ebb and flow of the sites power requirements.

By creating a detailed project with the clients, our team was able to install the system quickly and with minimal interruption.

With 370 panels installed across the site, Bethel Aged Care are now able to produce 138,561kWh per year, covering their residents essential power needs.

The System Comprises of

  • 99kW Roof mounted system
  • 370 x 270W Trina panels
  • 4 x Fronius inverters
  • 138,561kWh generated per year.
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