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Battery leader Tesla has announced a set of new features on it’s home energy storage system: Powerwall 2.

The updates will introduce a new feature: Time-Based Control. This allows Powerwall 2 owners to take advantage of variable energy costs by scheduling when the battery will be powering the house and what percentage of the capacity will be used.

By learning how you use energy, the Powerwall can perform ‘load shifting’ to maximise your savings. Users will be able to enter time of use electricity prices in the Tesla app (peak vs. off peak rates). When electricity is expensive, the Powerwall will use it’s stored energy (which is generated from your solar PV system at low to no cost) to power the house – making an even further reduction in your power bill.

You will also be able to set two additional operating modes of the Powerwall: ‘Balanced’ and ‘Cost Saving’. Balanced uses electricity stored from your solar to power your home, both when electricity is expensive and after the sun goes down. Cost Saving uses stored low-cost energy to power your home when electricity is expensive, maximising your savings. More details of the Operating mode are below:

Powerwall Operating Mode Backup Reserve  Self Powered %     Savings
Backup-Only 100%
Self-Powered You set the percentage Great OK
Advanced | Time-Based Control (Balanced) You set the percentage Good Good
Advanced | Time-Based Control (Cost Saving) You set the percentage OK Great


Like most Tesla updates, this new feature will be delivered over the internet and then be available via the Tesla app. You can find out more via the Tesla Support Website or by making an enquiry about via our battery storage page.

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