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During a recent review of 30,000 photovoltaic installations in Europe it was found 80% were underperforming and during an audit of manufacturers the defect rates ranged from 13 to 22%.

Leading solar companies who are publically listed and transparent with their reporting they are not in a position to compromise on quality, however lesser known manufacturers are under extreme pressure to cut costs and as such many corners are cut. Leading Manufacturer Yingli Solar reported only 15 defective panels from 2.8million shipped in 2009.

Non-Chinese companies have also had quality problems with American manufacturer First Solar setting aside $271million USD to cover the cost of replacing poorly manufactured modules made in 2008 and 2009.


Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels

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  • Lachlan Williams

    I am thinking about solar panels on the roof of my pharmacy. We service Glenlyn nursing home and they were happy with your service. Can someone contact me regarding this possibility.
    Lachlan Williams
    McNamara Avenue Pharmacy

    • Dean Hewson

      Thanks Lachlan, we’ll be in touch.

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