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Solar can be one of the best investments for your home, but finding the right system and a good solar company to go with can be overwhelming.

Many people have felt the pain of dealing with a not-so-reputable solar company, which can be costly and leave you with more issues than when you started.

At EnviroGroup we’re passionate about helping people make the right decisions when it comes to getting solar.  To help you decide on who to go with (we’d like to think it will be us) , we’ve compiled a list of our top tips when dealing with a solar company:

  1. Pressured to buy straight away:

When deciding on a big purchase for your home such as solar, you want to make sure that it is right for you. So when the consultant is offering today only discounts, or giving you any ultimatum that means buying on the spot or losing out – alarm bells should ring.

Rather than being pressured to sign up on the spot, you should be allowed some time to think over the decision and the consultant should be available to give you help along the way.

  1. Spammed by offers:

Prices for solar are subject to change and it’s always great to get an update on pricing. But some companies send clients daily (or even hourly) messages and emails about cheaper systems or great offers.

Not only is this very annoying but it often shows that the company is mainly interested in getting your signature on the dotted line – and in offering you low cost solutions. And if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

  1. Focus on price:

A quality, well-installed solar system can make a noticeable impact on your electricity bill. But as with anything you get what you pay for.

Cheap components and poor-system installation can cause the system to stop working after a few years, or slow down its efficiency a lot quicker.

A good solar installation company will recommend quality equipment and focus more on the solution that solar can provide you, rather than just on outright price. Just focusing on low price often signals that the supplier is merely focused on the cheapest price and not on quality or your specific needs.

  1. Home assessment

Technology has made it easier to assess how suitable a home is for solar.

But nothing beats an on-site visit to assess the suitability of solar. Visually assessing your roof from satellite imagery gives a limited perspective – a site visit before the day of installation is a must.

In fact, the industry’s peak body, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) require a site visit as part of their retailer code of conduct.

  1. Off the shelf solutions

Everyone’s energy usage is different and your solar system should be tailored to fit to your energy requirements and your home.

A good solar consultant should ask you about when you are using your energy, analyse your electricity bills and adjusting the system design to suit. They should also be able to explain the impact of different sized solar systems, so you can make an informed choice. Simply plucking a figure out of the air after a quick glance at your bill is a warning that they aren’t really taking an interest.

  1. Reputation and case studies

A good reputation is difficult to earn in the solar industry. And the solar company that you are dealing with should be proud to show off their previous installations and show feedback from its customers.

You can also quickly and easily determine a company’s reputation by a searching online or on social media. A good solar company should also have been in the industry for a few years (EnviroGroup has been installing Solar PV since 2008).

  1. CEC accreditation

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the peak body for clean energy in Australia. Solar companies and installers that are accredited by the CEC have gone through additional training and have adhered to standards of workmanship and safety.

However there are two types of Accreditation: Installer and Retailer. An accredited installer refers to the individual electrician who will be installing or performing maintenance on a system. However an accredited retailer is a company that has gained CEC accreditation. A reputable solar company should be a CEC accredited retailer and have CEC accredited installers as part of their team.

Click here to see our accreditation.

  1. Installation process

Every home presents its own unique challenges when it comes to installing solar. Multiple stories, different roof material and electrical wiring all change how a system will be installed.

It is important to discuss where the solar inverter can be installed, as it is very hard to move later.  An installation that isn’t planned properly can result on last minute changes on the day and an unhappy customer as a result.

Once work is underway the installation team should advise you of the installation dates and keep you up to date of anything that could impact the install. Communication and reliability are important, especially if you need to plan time off work around the installation.

Bad weather or unforeseen circumstances may mean it has to be moved, and you don’t want to be waiting at home for people who never show up.

Those are the key things to look for/think about when looking for solar. But don’t just take our word for it, give us a call on 1300 1300 430 430 or click on the button below to experience our knowledgeable no-rush service.

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