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Australians are embracing rooftop solar and batteries to pave the way towards a renewable energy future. 

But installing rooftop solar is only part, albeit, a giant part of the renewable energy journey. To enjoy and maximise the benefits of solar energy, you need to ensure you undertake regular maintenance of your solar system.

Why do I need to service my solar system?

Once you’ve got your shiny new solar system, it’s only natural to be excited to use it and start seeing the pay back on your investment. 

Over time however, your solar panels, given they are located on your roof, will collect dust and debris. Such things can affect the performance of your solar system. On top of that, other external factors like hail, wind and sunlight can also damage your solar system.

Regular servicing of your solar system can identify and resolve not only performance, but also any safety issues quickly.

A service of your solar system can include but not limited to:

  • Clearing solar panels of dust and debris
  • Checking solar panels for any defects
  • Electrical checks of switches, wiring and connections
  • Reviewing the inverter display unit
  • Confirming emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are effectively functioning

Who can service my solar system?

Simply turning a solar system off doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the end of it. In fact, roof mounted systems may pose additional hazards if not serviced regularly. 

We recommend you only use a licensed electrician or a solar installer accredited by the Clean Energy Council to service your system. It’s important to have on hand all the paperwork from your installation as there may be warranties that can cover certain issues.

If your system was installed by EnviroGroup, our Service team is more than happy to assist with organising a service of your solar system. We offer a comprehensive service that can be customised to your concerns. 

Where your solar system has been installed by another provider, we can still service your system. We may however require additional information on your install so we can provide the appropriate assistance. Please note: we may be limited in executing warranty claims on your behalf, you may need to first contact your original installer.

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Just like your car, your solar system also requires regular servicing. We recommend a service at least every 12 months. 

Contact our service team to book your solar service today. 

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