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On the 1st of January 2017, the Transitional Feed-in Tariff (TFiT) will have come to a close. This change in the tariff will impact over 200,000 solar owners across Victoria and New South Wales.

The end of the tariff (which was put in place was to subsidise and stimulate the then fledgling solar industry) will now mean higher energy prices for solar owners.

One of our customers, Bruce Malcolm, has prepared himself for the upcoming price hikes. In addition to increasing his solar PV system to 4.5kWp, Bruce also purchased a Tesla Powerwall battery system and the Reposit monitoring software to maximise his savings and returns.

Instead of exporting any excess solar power he generates, Bruce will now store energy in his battery system and use it at night in his home.

More and more Australians are taking Bruce’s initiative and installing battery system to store and use their excess solar energy. Bruce was recently interviewed by ABC news about his system and his thoughts on the feed-in tariff reduction.

To find out more about the Tesla Battery system that Bruce used and the Reposit software, click here.

To learn about the end of the feed in tariffs click here.

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