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Energy prices are only going in one direction, UP. With the recent developments battery technology and pricing, it’s easier than ever to generate and store your own power.

More and more battery storage products are being released every day. And without an understanding of how home battery storage systems work, their advantages and disadvantages, it can be difficult to know what the best option is for you.

This event is part of Sustainable Living Festival 2017. Click here for free FREE tickets.

In these information sessions our sustainability consultants will cover topics such as:

– How battery systems work
– How they utilise the solar energy to work for you
– Should you go off-grid?
– How to maximise battery utilisation
– Average costs of installing a battery
– The latest in battery technology including the Tesla Powerwall 2.0

Can’t make this event? We have another session on the 9th of February in Northcote.

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