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Winner: Best Grid Connect Solar PV System over 100kW


Congratulations Matt Wilson & EnviroGroup for a job well done at the Clean Energy Council Solar design and installation awards 2015!

– Category: Grid-connect solar PV power system design and installation – over 100 kW for

– Category: Grid-connect solar PV power system design and installation – battery back up for
Blackburn Solar Power and Battery Storage

Plastic Fantastic? We think so!

Who ever coined the phrase plastic fantastic must have been thinking about the Green Toy range that we here at Enviroshop love so much. Not only are they made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, but they are also free from harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates.

So really safe for children to play with and great for the environment too.

But do they pass the tough test? Yep sure do! They are chunky, sturdy and made to last unlike the legions of cheap plastic toys that are clogging up our landfills!

And most importantly kids love them and so do parents (they definitely don’t hurt to stand on like lego).

We love them so much that we have just received a huge new shipment ready for Christmas.

There’s boats, planes, trains and trucks (the Recycling Truck pictured is our personal favourite), kitchen and tool sets, watering cans, and for the younger ones shape-sorters, push-toys and stacking cups. You can browse our full range of eco toys online here – there is something for the fussiest of kids (and the environment loving ones especially!).

Shop Survey – Chance to Win!

If you have a great product idea that you’d like Enviroshop to sell, let us know in this 2-minute survey. It could be a product that already exists that we just don’t have in store, or a new idea you have for a problem that needs solving – even if you don’t know of a product to do the job yet. If you fill out the survey you’ll be eligible for a 5% discount instore.

We’re also offering a chance to go into the draw for a $60 gift voucher for people who review one of our current products. Scroll to Question 4 in the survey and tell us in 100 words or less what you like about one of our products, how you use it, advice for someone looking at buying it. The best reviews will be featured on our website.

Battery Breakthrough News: Enphase, Samsung and Tesla

For everyone wanting the latest news in solar batteries we have some exciting announcements on a few of the newest solar battery products hitting our shores.

First up, Enphase have announced that Australia will be the first country in the world to receive the highly anticipated Enphase AC Battery in Autumn 2016.

What is even more exciting is that they have also announced an introductory price. You can now preorder your Enphase AC Battery for $1990 per 1.2kWh unit fully installed.

Each Enphase battery includes a new generation of the micro inverter that Enphase have become famous for. This also means that Enphase are one of the few solar batteries compatible with almost every solar system, either new or already installed, which is a very unique feature in the world of solar batteries.

The Enphase batteries are also very compact and have an easily expandable modular design so we expect many people to start by installing one or two battery units to store a few hours of solar energy for each night, then expanding to more batteries down the track if needed.

For more information or to preorder an Enphase AC Battery call us today on 1300 430 430. To learn more about which solar batteries are right for you, see our battery info session below.

Samsung Solar Battery System Now In Northcote Store


Korean-based electronics and appliance company Samsung have entered the home solar battery market, combining over 70 years of manufacturing experience with the latest advances in lithium battery technology.

This battery is ideal for people investing in solar power and battery storage for the first time because it includes a built-in 5kW solar inverter as well a battery inverter all in one box, making installation very neat, quick and affordable.

Available in 3.6kWh, 7.2kWh and 10.8kWh battery sizes, the Samsung 3.6kWh is now in stock at EnviroShop Northcote. For more information or to get a quote on a Samsung Solar Battery call us today on 1300 430 430. To learn more about which solar batteries are right for you, see our battery info session.

Australia First to Get Tesla Batteries

Tesla have also announced that Australians will be the first in the world to receive the Tesla Powerwall home battery system.

There is some healthy rivalry growing between the battery manufacturers at the moment so we will keep you updated. For more information or to get a quote on a Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery call us today on 1300 430 430.

To learn more about which solar batteries are right for you, see our battery info session.

Solarworld: Real German Quality


For those that want the amazing build quality that German-made products are known for, EnviroGroup now offer an all black 275 Watt SolarWorld solar panel that is actually made in Germany!

In the last 5 years many German solar factories have closed down or been sent offshore to compete with the larger Chinese factories. In fact there are many solar brands that still claim to be German but aren’t actually made there anymore.

On the other hand SolarWorld builds on 40 years in business (established in 1975) and has successfully consolidated other German solar factories including Bosch. SolarWorld prides themselves on quality and sustainability which is important to EnviroGroup and we know is important to our customers too.

SolarWorld solar panels are now available for new solar systems or expanding existing solar systems, call today for more information or a quote.

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  • Robyn Waller

    Not a comment, but a question. I have an old 48v stand alone system utilising 24 x 2v lead acid batteries. This article spoke of batteries in terms of Kw sizes so if I was trying to replace battery bank what am I looking at? Have 12 x 24v panels but not sure of the capacity.

    • Dean Hewson

      Hi Robyn, thanks for getting in touch. The number of batteries you need is based on lots of factors, not just the number of solar panels you have. To learn more or to get a quote please email directly or join us at an information session.

  • Peter Hallam

    What is the efficiency rating of the German Solar World, Solar Panels?

    • Dean Hewson

      Watch your email, we’re sending you the spec sheet.

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