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So, we all know it’s tough out there at the moment. People have priorities like stockpiling toilet paper so any consideration for a solar power system or batteries has been pushed way down the list. But there are really, really good reasons why you should make solar a priority.

We’re now witnessing panic for the craziest of reasons. There is no shortage of anything at the moment; supply is still the same as it ever was, so the deranged panic buying that’s taking place is alarming not just of itself but because, to the observer, it is the harbinger of how things are going to get when there are real shortages of essential material.

This is the reality we have to deal with right now and hopefully, the smart people are going to come away from this with some lessons learnt. The first one is to make sure your house is sufficiently prepared. The just-in-time mentality is great for supply-chain logistics but not so great when you are eating cold chickpeas from the last can in the back of the cupboard. We are unlikely, this time around, to lose electricity or gas or water so we’ll probably get through the COVID-19 emergency and have a laugh about all the dumb stuff we saw happen. Job losses will probably recover quickly, the stock market will bounce back with a record high and the footy will be back on.

This time.

There will certainly be a next time and it could be way worse and much longer. Now is the time to apply those lessons and a big part of preparing your house for the next time will be energy security and the best energy security a house can have right now is solar power. The grid doesn’t have to go down for you to lose power. All you need to do is not pay your bills and get cut off. If you’ve been laid off, the bills coming in are both scary and stressful. With solar power, the electricity bill is the least of your concerns. You might even be in credit. If you have a solar system already, adding a battery gives you an extra layer of protection. You have emergency backup power if the grid does go down so you get to keep the frozen meat you punched your way into Woolies to get.

Energy security is as important as food security. You owe it to yourself and your family to provide for it. At the very least, ring us and get a quote. It’s free. The Victorian rebates still apply for those who qualify so there’s a lot of sound financial reasons as well to get it on.

And if you are a business owner, you need to go and have a look at your roof right now. Available roof-space is valuable real estate. With so many businesses under threat of closure right now, doesn’t it make sense to eliminate as many costs as you can to try to stay open as long as possible? Isn’t that your job?

Solar on businesses is a no-brainer. It will smash your electricity bill and take the pressure off one of your biggest fixed costs. Affording it couldn’t be easier either. The Federal government will allow you to write-off assets up to $150,000 if bought before June 30th 2020 and you might qualify for an Environmental Upgrade Agreement with the Sustainable Australia Fund which means you don’t have to shell out any up front costs to get the solar on.

Remember, in world inhabited by the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Even being half-prepared is better than having nothing. Give us a call on 1300 430 430 to have a chat about getting you feeling much more secure.

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