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In Australia, we get a lot of sunshine hours, making solar an ideal energy source. According to GeoScience Australia, we would be able to generate approximately 10,000 times more energy than our consumption needs with solar alone.

Australia gets the most sunshine, per square metre, than any other continent in the world.

With rising gas prices and unplanned outages in fossil fuels, solar is becoming more and more attractive. You may have heard or even experienced supply issues with heating or hot water over winter due to increased demand. Switching to solar will greatly alleviate the pressure of this finite energy supply. Unlike fossil fuels, the sun is not going to disappear anytime soon. 

But, that is not all the reasons why Victorians should switch to solar power. Solar has extensive health benefits, especially for workers in the industry. Health risks for workers in solar are far less than that of those working in fossil fuels.

How does solar work?

Solar power is all about the sun and a bit of clever technology. Your roof, especially if it’s a sunny one, captures a lot of sunlight. A solar power system enables the conversion of this sunlight into electricity that can power your home. 

For solar to work properly however, you need high quality materials that can withstand not only the intensity of the Australian sun but also other extreme weather conditions. 

For the ultimate solar system solution, you need:

  • Solar panels: to take in the energy from the sun and convert it into DC (direct current) electricity
  • Solar inverters: to convert the DC electricity into AC (alternating current) power so you can use it for your home
  • Solar monitoring: to provide an overview of your energy consumption and enable early pick up of system issues

Not all solar systems are made equal and to ensure you have a long lasting reliable production of renewable energy, you will require panels and inverters that suit your roof. When you speak to a renewable energy consultant at EnviroGroup, they will assess the structure and location of your roof to provide a customised solar solution.  

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Solar monitoring

Internet connectivity provides us with a new level of reliability. It’s now possible to provide real-time monitoring and performance reporting of your solar PV system, so you can quickly see if things are working well. 

Instead of only finding out something is wrong when a system stops completely or you notice a change in your power bill, internet monitoring allows you to see and address issues right when they happen.

EnviroGroup partners with Solar Analytics to provide a monitoring solution that goes beyond a traditional analysis tool.

With a simple add-on installed in your switchboard, Solar Analytics will provide you:

  • Your solar system’s performance
  • Energy usage
  • Net electricity bought and sold
  • When and how you’re loading your system
  • How much energy your system should be generating vs actual energy generated on any given day
  • Alerts and faults diagnostics

Solar analytics can actually help you decide if a battery would be beneficial to your home. 

For a home battery system to make sense, your system has to be generating enough excess energy to charge up a battery during the day. By looking at energy data in the Solar Analytics App, you can see if the system is exporting enough energy to the grid to charge a home battery system. It’s that simple!

Are you interested in getting solar for your home or business? Enquire today and speak to one of our renewable energy consultants.


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