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Victorian households can access a solar battery rebate of $3,500 but Solar Victoria has now announced this will end in a couple of weeks. 

The solar battery rebate will drop by $550 from 1 July 2022. If you haven’t yet claimed your solar battery rebate, apply before the end of the financial year to take advantage of the higher rebate value.

Solar battery rebate dropping to $2,950 as of 1 July 2022.

At the time of writing, there are approximately 2,900 solar battery rebates still remaining and you can claim up to $3,500.  

Solar batteries are a great way to store excess energy that your home does not need during daylight hours and save it for later. 

If you are finding that your solar PV system is generating enough excess energy to charge a battery, you’ll be able to continue to power your home with the battery and rely less and less on the grid. 

According to the Climate Council, if you have a 5kW residential solar PV system and add a 4kWh battery, you may be able to double the generation of solar power for your home.

How do I choose my solar battery?

To choose your solar battery, you need to consider factors such as storage capacity, efficiency level and lifecycle. The price of your battery will depend on its quality, so the larger and more efficient it is, you may find it likely to be on the expensive side. 

A good tip is to add a solar battery that allows you to stack multiple batteries on top of each other and continue to increase capacity as time goes on.

EnviroGroup partners with leading battery manufacturers including Tesla, Enphase and Redback, to provide reliable installations that are long lasting. 

Find out how you can take advantage of the higher solar battery rebate before the end of the financial year!


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