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There are more than 3 million solar installations across the nation and demand is soaring. Largely sparked by the energy crisis, households are opting for solar to avoid potential widespread blackouts and rising energy prices. Over the last few months, demand for solar in Australia has doubled. 

Solar Victoria has received 5000 applications for solar batteries alone this year.

Solar batteries have had an extremely noticeable jump in demand. Solar Victoria CEO, Stan Krpan reports 2 years ago, they had 1000 solar battery applications and this year, they have received 5000 applications. This remarkable jump has eventuated despite the 15% increase in home solar battery prices. 

Australians are seeing the advantages of solar and are keen to take control of their energy needs. With solar, households can produce their own electricity and create a pathway to become independent from the grid.

Solar batteries are an important tool in gaining this independence as they provide an opportunity to store solar energy for use at a later time. 

However, with ongoing supply issues and further price hikes on the cards, more Government investment is required to keep up with the uptake of solar in Australia. 

Kathleen O’Connor from Channel 7 News interviewed our Managing Director, Mick Harris on his thoughts on expanding supply for solar. 

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