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In July, EnviroGroup headquarters moved from the old address in Beavers Road Northcote to a brand new commercial warehouse and office at 4 Dairy Drive Coburg North.

This move was necessitated because we had begun to outgrow the Beavers Road site. Not so much in space, we had an abundance of space, but of logistics. Over the last few years EnviroGroup’s government and commercial business has grown to such an extent that the warehouse at Beavers Road was no longer able to accommodate larger deliveries and bulk handling of solar equipment. The warehouse was big enough but getting large trucks and containers in was a constant problem. This made buying containers of panels logistically awkward. Problems were even worse if a truck turned up while our local contractors were loading for residential installations. A single truck completely blocked Beavers Road to the annoyance of the other tenants and their customers.

The other problem is that Beavers Road is a little tucked away on the banks of the Merri Creek and even though our sales team had lovely views of CERES, finding the place was not easy for customers calling in. So our move to Dairy Drive has changed all that. Our lead criteria for a place was to be able to get a container into the warehouse without blocking the street and to have a headquarters that was easy to find and highly visible. The new site fits the bill perfectly.

Moving a business like ours is a messy, ugly project with countless micro-decisions like how many of those 10 year old S250 Enphase microinverters do we really need to keep and will we ever get around to using those old Sunpower banners? You need to channel Marie Kondo and declutter years of accumulated industrial detritus but the process is very cathartic and when the dust finally settles, there’s a new freshness and a buzz in the business as everyone emerges from their living-room offices to reassemble as a company again. It’s great for morale and great for our customers.

We just need to get through lockdown 2.0, now.

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