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EnviroGroup is celebrating its 15th birthday – rather than looking back, we’re focused on the 15 to come.

FutureFest will host industry experts, community leaders and the happy owners of cutting edge sustainable products, and dive into what the future holds for community energy & the grid, electric vehicles, home battery systems and the very latest in upgrades that you can make to your home.

The event is free and will be held on Friday, the 31st of May between 6-9pm at 251 High St, Northcote (next door to the EnviroShop).  The evening will be full of useful information, the chance to ask experts questions, tasty nibbles and a few freebies.

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The evening will explore:

Future of the grid

Uncover what the future of the electricity grid holds – how solar batteries, smart technology and electric vehicles will be integrated to deliver clean power to everyone, which is flexible and future-ready.

Community energy

See a vision for energy neutrality turn into action, driven by sustainable thinking and community advocacy. Learn how like-minded individuals have partnered with industry to create community grids and energy sharing schemes, so you can participate in a green revolution on a larger scale.

Electric Vehicles

Find out about what electric cars are available now, and what will be available in the future – so you know when to make the move to green transport. We’ll also tell you how to make your home EV ready so you can go electric quickly and painlessly.

Home upgrades

Take advantage of the new technology that can make your home super-efficient. Learn how to convert your home to an electric only household where you can use solar to minimise your power consumption and eco-footprint, and add the potential for an off-grid future for your family.


Discover your home solar battery storage options, how they work and how to choose the right one for your home – so you are rebate-ready for when the limited Victorian Government’s $4,838 battery discount is launched.

Want to know how to be ready for the battery rush when the next rebate is released?

Want to know how to take your car, home and community carbon neutral?

Want to know what the future holds for the sustainable grid?

Want to know about the latest tech, best brands and insider tips?

We’re bringing together experts from across the industry for one night only to give you the latest in green grid energy, electric vehicles, home solar battery storage, community energy & more. Get your free ticket to EnviroGroup’s FutureFest – Friday May 31st between 6-9pm – here:

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  • Simon Crawford

    I can’t make that evening, is there another way I can get all that info?

    • Gabriela Gauthier

      Hi Simon,

      Unfortunately we will not be recording the talks. If you have a specific question or area of interest, please let us know and we can get you in touch with the right people.

      Thank you

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